Swap Meat

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Swap Meat

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Heh hoo hee hee hee heh heh huh! The tiny town of Lake Labinnac has a secret... and that secret is bargains! The locals are friendly and eager to meat you! Join thrift-seekers Brandt and Mallysa on the browsing adventure of a lifetime as they visit the SWAP MEAT, where bargains could cost... an arm and a leg! Like, literally!


Mallysa closed the door of the truck, having stashed her purchases thus far behind the cab's front seats. The parking lot was starting to empty out. Most of the vehicles left had vendor parking labels in their windows.
"It's getting late," said Mallysa to herself. "And my tummy is telling me it's snack o'clock!" It wasn't quite late enough for dinner, thought Mallysa, but maybe everyone in this hick town ate early. Could be the local culture. Humidity makes people do strange things. All Mallysa needed, though, was a quick munch of something tasty and she'd be ready for another round of item appraising, bargain pursuing, and memorabilia hauling.
Near the back of the vendor area, Mallysa found a sausage stand called JARRET'S. Behind the steaming counter, holding a pair of tongs, was Jarret himself. As Mallysa walked up, he was giggling to himself, lifting the steel trays that covered the steaming sausages, poking them around while they cooked from the propane-driven heat. He pushed a trucker cap from his forehead to wipe some sweat off his brow.
Noticing a customer's approach, Jarret looked up and flashed a grin, his teeth looking like schoolchildren fighting to cut to the front of the line, edging each other out. "Hey there, young lady. Can I get you anything today?"
"What's your specialty?" asked Mallysa.
"That's hard to say," said Jarret. He poked in the steam tray. "It changes. We're very— we're very tied to local, sustainable sources. Heh hoo heh hee hee!"
"You have a very infectious laugh," said Mallysa.
"Infectious. Hmm. Well now, you may be right. Lots of folks in my family got this kinda laugh. Thanks to 'prions.' That's what I heard. You ever heard of 'kuru'?"
"Doesn't sound familiar," said Mallysa. "What is that, a leaf? Like kale?"
"Nah," said Jarret. "If you look on Wikipedia, it says that kuru is a 'degenerative neurological disorder.' Biggest words I ever came across. Dang. Ain't got no cure, neither. Apparently they got it in Papua New Guinea, mostly, but it's around here some, too. Heh heh eeh hee heh hoo! Ain't that funny? Call it 'kuru' but ain't no cure-u."
"I'm sorry to hear about that," said Mallysa. "That's really sad. But before that, you were saying something about 'local and sustainable'?"
Jarret nodded, chuckling to himself. "That's our creed and motto. Some upsides, some downsides."
"Local and sustainable sounds good to me," said Mallysa. "I'll take a sausage, then. You make them yourself?"



DIRECTED BY George G. G. George

PRODUCED BY Art Luman & Mark Gunk

APPROX. 27 pages


I want this!

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George G. G. George
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